Affiliate Program #1

Local Marketing Directory Errors Repair Paying $200 Plus $20 Monthly Residual Income

$200 Day Possible Generating Directory Errors Reports

Once You Create The Report You Simply Email The Report To The Business – Each Report Takes About 15 Minutes To Generate…

This a perfect work-at-home opportunity. If you can work a minimum of 6 hours a day – 5 days a week – using your computer and phone your earning potential could reach $200 a day and more.

Here’s how it works….

Step #1 – Google a business to find their name, address & phone number.
Step #2 – Generate the report showing the bad listings.
Step #3 – Email the report to the business with instructions to contact you if they want to learn how to fix the bad listings.
Step #4 – When the business contacts you explain the price of fixing those bad listings.
Step #5 – When the business agrees to the price instruct them to find the TAB that says “CLICK TO FIX ERRORS” and complete the form – our office will take it from there and do the closing for you.
Step #6 – When the business pays the set-up fee you make $200 and $20 per month thereafter for the hosting.

Go ahead and try it out yourself by CLICKING HERE and follow the steps above to see how easy it is!How many reports can you generate each day?

Call me 602-845-9433 to see if you qualify for this Full-Time Work-At-Home position…

Harvey The Silver Fox